3 Day Commercial Hydroponics Training Workshop In Pune
By Simplee Grow

Learn About The Business Opportunities In Hydroponics

About the Workshop

3 Month Hydroponic Learning Agenda: We are covering everything about hydroponic practical & fundamental things in this course. Explore the new most dynamic and extremely potential business opportunities in Hydroponics and protected cultivation.

This will give idea about current trend of hydroponics and business module. The way market is taking up in terms of number of people showing interest in it, market for this will open new door of business opportunities in Indian Agriculture. There is huge potential in agriculture specially when you are doing with precision technology and creating market parallelly. As we know, India is agriculture country and we need to shift our way of doing with the use of modern techniques which will give more sustainable business and commercial benefits.

Soil Less farming and protected cultivation is one option to revolutionize the agriculture in coming future. We are conducting course to give you scale of hydroponic business and their different business module. This includes most feasible and commercially viable different type of set up of hydroponics. We are also covering 5 hydroponic farms which is having unique business module and different designs, crop production plan. Setting up farm and running it successfully are two sides of business which we need to look at. While doing this, you need to consider all things which we are going to use while setting up farm and also choosing right crop considering market demand, targeted market and available resources. All these 3 factors give you feasibility in terms of achieving desired commercial benefits.

You always need to consider the dependency part of your business and availability level/frequency of particular things in market.


1. Exploring different farm business module i.e. one crop production, multi crop production

2. Different types of setup, design and respective cost factor

3. Market channels and their requirement

4. Suppliers of hydroponic essentials, procurement

5. Nutrient mixing, preparation

6. Crop plan, harvesting & packaging

7. Supply chain Management for Hydroponic farm

8. Waste Management

9. Dosing system working and regular routine

10. Maintenance

11. Provision for climatic changes

12. Paste Management

13. Training people

Topics To Be Covered

1. Fundamentals of Soil-Less Farming

2. Hydroponic Essentials and its importance

3. Types of Hydroponics

4. Technical Aspects

5. Nutrient Role

6. DIY, gardening and Terrace farming

7. Setting up Hydroponics Farm

8. 5 crop wise production plan

9. Greenhouse Management

10. Pest management/ Pest Control

11. Commercial Farm Operations

12. Economics of Hydroponics

13. Commercial Viability

14. Business Opportunities

15. Market Visit

Event Schedule

Day 1

Introduction & Fundamentals

Hydroponics Essentials & Its Importance

Types Of Hydroponics

Technical Aspects

Great UxWater Quality Testing

Different Meters & Their Application

Nutrient Management

Farm Visit

Day 2

Farm Visit

Environmental Management

Common Diseases & Pest Management

Pest Control With Live Demo

Setting Up Hydroponics Farm

Cropwise Production Plan

Economics Of Hydroponics

Day 3

Farm Visit - A Farm In Progress

Market Visit

Supply Chain, Sales & Distribution

Other Business Opportunities

Commercial Viability

Partnering Opportunity

Open House & Farewell

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Join the hydroponics training in Pune by Simplee Grow. In this interactive workshop, you’ll learn the Hydroponics from basics to it’s commercial viability.



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